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Julie E. Czerneda's

Betareader Competition!

Thank you to all who were willing to help me during the final stage of Reunification, Book One, This Gulf of Time and Stars.

As you know, I want to be as sure as I can be that I don't make any dreadful content mistakes. You know. Wrong number of eyeballs, giving two characters the same name, having Huido use his shiny teeth to chow down on a cob of corn...it is to shudder, yes? We all know this stuff happens. My Betareaders will save the day!

For the curious:

Here's the deal:

My betareaders will read my first draft manuscript and provide content comments (not typos or grammar stuff) before I revise it.
To thank you: first, you'll know what happens before the rest of the planet. Rather special. Second, you'll receive a copy of the published book with your help acknowledged.

I have chosen two betareaders (and a backup) for Gulf.

The competition closed March 4th.
I'll leave this page up a while for your enjoyment.

These quizzes tested familiarity with The Clan Chronicles.

Everyone who entered will receive a special Treat! (So you know for next time, it's worth it.)
Please read before entering:

My editor and publisher, Sheila Gilbert of DAW Books, has kindly given me permission to hold this competition and to give my not-yet-published manuscript to my future two betareaders. That's trust and that's huge.

Non-disclosure agreement. My betareaders will sign a non-disclosure agreement, promising to keep the story secret until publication in November 2015 and not to share copies etc. We all hate spoilers, right? If you aren't comfortable making that promise?
Please don't enter.

Time requirement. Betareaders have about three weeks to read a manuscript of about 120 000 words. (Oddly, it gets longer on revision.) This will happen between April and May, most likely towards the end of April/start of May.

Backup. I've asked one person to stay available in case either of the selected betareaders has to answer the call of Real Life and Circumstance.

Your Responsibility. To read what I've written and tell me what--if anything--you spot that I should fix before publication. I'll do my best.

  • Anything missed is my fault, not yours.
  • Anything I decide I can't fix within the story despite your good advice? My fault, not yours.

 Thank you!
Answers went to betareader@czerneda.com