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What I'm looking for in my betareaders:

* Brevity. One word or point form.

* Confidence. Trust your understanding of the characters and existing worlds.

* Focus. Stick to the precise bit of information necessary, not whatever else may be related/relevant/cool.

* Instruction. We'll figure out the best way to work together, together. Before that, I am watching to see who pays attention.

* Attitude. Please have fun. I truly appreciate your doing this and the work involved. Keep in mind this isn't a job or test, but a chance to be a special part of the next chapter in a story we all love. Whee!!

* Honesty. If you aren't sure, say so. Once the manuscript is ready, be honest about your time and ability to read and respond. If you have any doubts, let me know as soon as possible.

Betareader Quiz #2

1. What did the Drapsk collect from the M'hir?

2. The Vyna coexist with another species very similar to one that has made an appearance in the Trade Pact Books. Name that species and say what's unusual about it.

3. Jarad refused to let the Chosen of his daughters take the name di Sarc. What are their names?

4. Which of the following describes the Watchers as we know them by the end of TRADE?
(a) they could be unconscious manifestations of living Clan
(b) everyone knows they are ghosts
(c) they exist only the M'hir
(d) they offer comfort to the bereaved
(e) they exist to protect the M'hir from non-Clan
(f) they exist to spy on Clan in the M'hir
(g) there are more than one

5. Pick one of the attributes in #4 that you feel does not describe the Watchers and explain why.

6. Read the provided scene from This Gulf of Time and Stars. Find the errors within the text and show their correction. Where you see "000," that's your cue to suggest what could go there.

Instructions: For Questions 1-5, please copy the above questions into the body of your email and answer them there. For Question #6, please save the scene as a file name with this format: yourlastnamescene.docx Make your corrections within the text so I can see them (not via tracking or anything fancy, just pick something to make them stand out) and attach to the email with your other answers.

Thanks to those who entered!