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Betareader Quiz #1

  1. Who was the first member of the Clan to enter the M'hir?
  2. On what planet did Barac meet his Chosen?
  3. Where did Aryl get the name "fitches" for her gliders?
  4. What is the name of Bowman's starship?
  5. Name the members of Marcus' Triad.
  6. Which of the following revelations would you believe about Captain Jason Morgan?

    (a) He'd like a garden.
    (b) He has a secret bank account.
    (c) He has a younger sister.
    (d) He'd lie to Sira for her own good.
    (e) He can 'port himself through the M'hir.
    (f) He can 'port a towel through the M'hir.
    (g) He wants Sira to cut her hair but hasn't figure out how to tell her.
    (h) He's killed in self defense.
    (i) He's killed for pleasure.
    (j) He's always wanted to be a writer.
  7. Choose one of the revelations from #6 you wouldn't believe and explain why.